Beddington Theatre Arts Centre Booking Policies


The following are the conditions agreed to once payment has been made for any and all bookings with the Beddington Theatre Arts Centre.

  1. COVID 19 UPDATED POLICIES - In the interest of the health and safety of our tenants and their guests we have implemented a  Covid-19 response for renters of our facility in addition to our standard policies. These can be found here.

  2. ROOM ACCESS - the booked room may only be accessed based on the time it is booked for, if you require additional setup and clean up time this should be included in your rental time.

  3. LIABILITY - The Beddington Theatre Arts Centre (BTAC), its Directors and employees will not be liable for any injuries, including claims that could occur due to food and liquor consumption. 

  4. INSURANCE - Renters must have the appropriate Liability Insurance and/or Party Alcohol Liability Insurance.  Renters should provide BTAC with the appropriate Certificate of Insurance upon arrival for rental and be aware that BTAC assumes no risk or liability for any actions that could cause risk to guests of the renter.

  5. SUPERVISION - There must be one supervisor for every 25 guests.  As the renter, you are responsible for all guests, including their behaviour and actions."

  6. BTAC REPRESENTATIVE - BTAC will provide a facility attendant on-site during the booking times.  All questions and requests must be directed to them.

  7. CHECK-IN/OUT - Upon arrival, the renter must check in with the front office and will be the point of contact for the duration of the booking. At that time a walk-through of the facility and room booked will be completed and any room deficiencies/imperfections will be noted.  No one may enter the booked room until this is complete.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to booking.  At the end of the booking, a Check Out will happen with a walk through again confirming no damage has been done.

  8. DAMAGE - Should any damage be made intentionally or accidentally it will be documented on check out and the daytime office staff will contact the renter to remedy the repair and costs associated.

  9. LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS - BTAC takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items brought onto the facility property.

  10. DECORATIONS - Renter must request permission from BTAC before adhering any decorations to the walls, mirrors, doors or ceiling.  Any means of adhering décor that causes damage to the facility in any way is not permitted and will result in a charge against the deposit. The use of confetti, rice or like substances is not permitted inside or outside the Centre.

  11. OPEN FLAME - No unattended open flame candles are permitted as per Calgary Fire Department Regulations. Candles must be in an enclosed container with the flame no more than 2” from the top rim of the container. All uses of candles must be approved by the Facility Administrator, prior to your event.

  12. CLEAN UP - Clean up is the responsibility of the renter and any time required is included in your rental time. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that all of their staff and guests and additional help are given enough notice to clean and pack up their equipment.​​

    • GARBAGE - Renter must remove all garbage (bags will be provided by our community attendant) and place the garbage bags into the outside bins. Garbage must be placed directly into the bin and not on the ground.​

    • SWEEP - Renter is responsible to sweep the floor of the room in use.

    • MOP - If there is a liquid spillage on the floor, the renter must mop the affected areas.

    • KITCHEN - If the kitchen is being used, it must be completely cleaned after use; floors, counters, oven, stove, microwave, sinks and any other item(s) used must be left clean.

  13. OVERTIME - Any bookings exceeding the booked time will be billed at double time.

  14. WAITING AREAS/LOITERING -  Loitering in the common areas of the building is not permitted. Tenants are to use the common areas for access to the rented premises and for use of the washrooms only. Anyone found loitering in the building will be asked to return to their rented room or leave the premises.  Should you be offering a class or something where people may be asked to wait there is only one waiting area in the facility which is the main lobby. This is shared by all groups in the facility and is the main congregating place for patrons of the theatre. Be courteous and conscious of others in the space. Please do not wait or allow your guests to wait in the upstairs hallway or main floor hallway. Should you need a place before your guests to wait or a breakout room, please make a request for a second room.

  15. SOUND - We know that not all events are quiet, but we do have a strict sound policy when it comes to sound overflow into the halls and especially into other rooms.  BTAC reserves the right to ask your group to turn down the volume and be respectful of other tenants in the facility.  We, therefore, recommend any amplification be easily adjustable should you be requested to adjust the volume.  If you do not abide by the request your group will be asked to vacate the premises immediately without refund or credit. 

  16. CHAIRS & TABLES - Both upstairs and downstairs locations have locked chair & table rooms. While the use of these are included with your booking, a request for quantities must be made with your booking. For the interim, we will accept this request on Check-In. Staff will unlock the room for you and then close the door once you have taken all you need. This door will be unlocked for you at check out.

  17. CHILDREN - Children under the age of 16 must be under the supervision of a responsible adult (over 18 years old) at all times and are not permitted to be loitering in the common areas of the building.

  18. SAFE SPACE - BTAC staff will not tolerate verbal, physical or psychological abuse on any level and have the right to refuse a booking based on their own personal safety.

  19. LIQUOR - As per AGLC requirements, you must obtain a liquor permit and supply it to the Facility Attendant. We must post this license next to where liquor is being served. If you fail to do so, liquor cannot be served.

    • As per AGLC requirements, no homemade liquor, wine or beer is allowed on our premises. Any liquor that does not have a store-bought label on it will be confiscated immediately.

    • No persons serving alcohol may consume alcohol during their shift.

19. DEPOSITS - All room bookings require a Booking Deposit based on the total booking fee.  

for bookings < $500 - Deposit of $100

for bookings > $500 ​- Deposit of $250

Deposits are refunded within two business days of a completed booking pending facility inspection.


Beddington Theatre Arts Centre offers the following terms with regards to room cancellations

* more than 30 days prior to booking - 100% refund

* less than 30 days prior to booking - a credit on account

* less than 7 days prior to booking - no refund or credit will be issued


NOTE:  If a booking is paid in full, ​including deposit the deposit would be 100% refundable but room payment falls under the terms listed above.  If only a deposit is made it will be treated under the terms listed above.


COVID19 Response and Additional Policies


Thank you for booking with the Beddington Theatre Arts Centre. In the interest of the health and safety of our tenants and their guests we have implemented the following Covid-19 response for renters of our facility:

  1. ROOM CAPACITIES - Room capacities have been adjusted as follows:

       Studio One - 20 people
       Studio Two - 30 people
       Studio Three - 35 people
       Studio Four - 35 people
       Community Hall - 75 people

    These room capacities are the maximum number of people allowed in the listed rooms at a given time. 


  2. BIZ CONNECT - All renters must adhere to BizConnect restrictions for a safe opening including all daily checklists and up-to-date practices as required by AHS.

  3. SANITIZATION - All renters will be responsible for their own sanitization before and after use. Space will be clean and sanitized by the facility between bookings, however, groups must also have their own sanitization protocols in place.

  4. MASKS - All renters and their guests/patrons must wear masks at all times.

  5. AHS GUIDELINES - Event organizers will be responsible for ensuring all AHS guidelines are met in the operation of their event.

  6. ATTENDANCE - all events must have a clear record of attendance for anyone on site for more than 15 minutes.  This attendance record must be accessible to BTAC should we be required to do a contact trace through AHS.

  7. ARRIVAL - Please arrive for your booking no more than 15 minutes prior to the start time of your event. When you arrive at the facility please ring the doorbell at the front entrance and the facility attendant will let the renter in, group must remain outside until doors are opened for their entry. Renters will be required to sign in their group when they arrive.

  8. DEPARTURE - Following your scheduled booking time please exit promptly, no more than 15 minutes following your event, to allow other groups to enter and to ensure adequate time for cleaning by the facility between bookings.

  9. HAND SANITIZATION - Hand sanitization stations have been placed throughout the facility, including the main lobby. Please use the stations and consider washing your hands when arriving at the facility and when entering and exiting your event’s room.

  10. HIGH TOUCH SURFACES - High touch surfaces; including door handles, tables, counters, faucets, carts, and sign-in devices; will be sanitized between bookings.

  11. COVID19 WAIVER - Prior to arriving at the Beddington Theatre Arts Centre, and before your group can enter the facility, we will require the event organizer/ representative to sign the WAIVER HERE on behalf of their group. Groups will not be admitted without having a completed and signed waiver. We recommend signing prior to the day of your event.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to having your group at our facility once again.