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COVID-19 and BTAC Update


To our valued Beddington Theatre Arts Centre patrons.

We have been watching the COVID-19 situation closely as the health and safety of our employees and patrons are our number one priorities. During these uncertain times, BTAC has been working incredibly hard to make the best decisions for all those who make our facility a place to call their own.

With today's announcement prohibiting Albertans from attending all recreational and entertainment facilities, we have been forced to announce the closure of our facility until further notice. 

As such, there will be no staff on-site effective immediately. We will be implementing administrative solutions to effectively support the basic needs of the facility but we will not be fielding calls or emails relating to bookings. Upon our return, we will be able to better assess the situation at that time and provide all our patrons with an informed response and plan of action.

In the interim, the following is how we will deal with all bookings as per our regular booking policies:


    are no longer eligible for a full refund. These bookings will be credited to patron accounts for use on future rentals

    are entitled to a full refund. We will maintain these bookings at this time and should the facility still be closed at the time of your booking it will be automatically refunded. Should we open in time for your booking you will be welcome to carry forward or cancel for a full refund at your discretion

    on file will be refunded within one week of the final booking attached to the damage deposit.

As a non-profit organization, we are asking for your support in this difficult and unprecedented time. We look to you for your compassion and understanding that no one could plan for the events put before us all.

We thank you for your patronage and understanding and look forward to sharing our space with you once again.

​Thank you.
JP Thibodeau
Facility Manager